Hire employees globally…


and Rose will comply locally.




Pay your employees in different countries effortlessly

Manage your payroll in a simple way while complying with local regulation. You can take care of your employee's benefits and compensation values easily, instead of handling payroll and making costly mistakes. Try Rose's services today and focus on what matters: growing your business.


Rose hires on your behalf

If you have employees spread around different countries, Rose can hire them.


Use Rose's Software

Rose's software computes your employees’ benefits and social security costs.


Protect your IP

Through Rose's legal system you'll own the IP your employees work on.



All of your services billed in one centralized invoice.


Recommended by global companies

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Luisa Moscoso - CEO

“Colombia was a mystery for Bunny Studio until Rose showed us how payroll worked in that country. We have a team of 50 people in three continents. As a global company, we trust Rose to hire people globally.”


Alexander Torrenegra - CEO

“Rose has helped Torre manage our payroll efficiently while complying with different countries' regulation. Rose takes care of the bureaucratic nuisance so we can focus on our core business.”


Rolf Veldman - CEO

Voice123 has 10+ nationalities working all over the world; it is great that Rose can provide the best possible experience to all of our team members”



Rose believes in those who want to break free of red tape and thrive.


So, this is the problem.

  • Payroll should be easy for companies, but compliance has become increasingly painful.

  • Companies are managing employees around the world and need the right legal and financial backbone to comply with local regulations.

  • As companies grow, they should be able to hire talent seamlessly, regardless of the legal framework in their location.


Rose solves this by providing a digital automated service that includes:

  • Hiring people from different countries who we'll pay in accordance with local regulation.

  • Enlist new team members and we'll take care of their contract. You'll have access to the legal information in a centralized manner.

  • Rose will compute compensation in real time for every employee in their local currency and according to their local labor system. You'll get a single invoice that accounts for the different countries where you operate.


Some companies that trust us


Countries where Rose can help you hire team members.