Recruit, hire and onboard globally while complying with local laws.

Rose has the legal structure and knowledge to support you in hiring your global workforce.

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Alexander Torrenegra

CEO at Torre

Rose has helped Torre manage our payroll efficiently while complying with different countries' regulation. Rose takes care of the bureaucratic nuisance so we can focus on our core business.”

Luisa Moscoso

CEO at Bunny Studio

“Colombia was a mystery for Bunny Studio until Rose showed us how payroll worked in that country. We have a team of 50 people in three continents. As a global company, we trust Rose to hire people globally.”

Rolf Veldman

CEO at Voice123

“Voice123 has 10+ nationalities working all over the world; it is great that Rose can provide the best possible experience to all of our team members”

With Out Rose
With Rose

Invest in your growth, not in compliance.

When you want to hire abroad you need to understand the local regulations. So you hire a lawyer and spend $1,500 over two weeks.

Worst of all, you still have to draft a legal contract, create a legal entity and adjust the payment method to make your payments.

Rose has already worked on such structure. In fact, we have suffered this pain for over 5 years. We're part of a technology holding group with a remote culture. Over 300 team members spread around the world in different countries. With Rose, legal process that take months, become days.


Recruit, hire and run your global payroll in just a few clicks.

What's worse than managing numbers? Managing different labor legislations. We get it. You want to feel sure that you're paying your team members according to the law. Moreover, you didn't start a company to figure out how global labor legislation works. We did. We built a platform that allows you to upload information and run the numbers by experts in each legislation. We believe numbers and processes should run automatically.


Provide your team members with a secure, local employment contract that provide local benefits.

Your team members are asking for a more formal contract relationship that applies to their local legislation. However, you do not have the time, nor the skills nor the money to incorporate legal entities within each country. Rose provides the legal structure to seamlessly provide these contracts. The platform provides support to each team member from the most knowledgeable legal team in the industry. Any payroll-related question they have will receive a response within hours. Moreover, we provide financial advisory and other financial services 24/7.